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At Before Chocolate, not only do we care about the health of our customers, we also care about the health of the Wildlife, Ecosystems and Communities we share the Earth with. That's why all of our products are made with 100% Organic Certified ingredients grown naturally without any harmful processes, pesticides or artificial fertilisers. In this blog, we'll demystify the term Organic by answering your burning questions: What does Organic mean? Why is it essential to eat Organic? and, How to celebrate Organic September?  

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What is Organic September?

Organic September was launched by our Organic Certification Partner, the Soil Association to reveal how harmful non-organic foods are and how easy it is to integrate Organic habits into your life. Unlike most big chocolate corporations, we believe in supporting, instead of damaging, the natural biodiversity that we source our delicious Cacao from. For this reason, we promise to only use Organic ingredients and ensure all of our farmers adhere to the highest Organic standards. We've done all the digging so you can get snacking on our Organic chocolate guilt-free!

 nature has the answer - soil association

Before Pesticides, Before Artificial Fertilisers

So, what does organic actually mean? Organic is a system of farming and food production that benefits instead of harming the ecosystems and biodiversity in which foods are grown.

Organic farmers aim to produce high-quality food, using methods that benefit our whole food system, from people to planet, plant health to animal welfare. - Soil Association

That means no chemical fertilisers, no artificial pesticides, no antibiotics and no GMO. Without the continuous damage of non-organic practices, the local wildlife is protected, resulting in thriving biodiversity, richer soil and a more secure and sustainable future for our farming communities.


What's so Bad about Non-Organic Foods?

Despite the widespread expert support for Organic farming, most chocolate brands are not Organic. This means that buying from these brands negatively impacts the natural wildlife and ecosystems in the tropical regions where Cacao is grown. The pesticides and artificial fertilisers used in non-Organic farming strip the soil of its natural biodiversity, often damaging the habitats beyond repair. Because of this, wildlife populations are reduced and indigenous species are threatened.

non-organic and organic infographic

More so, the chemicals in the soil are then absorbed into the foods which we eat. These unnatural chemicals are filled with harmful toxins which negatively impact our health and wellbeing. Unlike most chocolate brands, at Before Chocolate we have a strict No Nasties policy. This means we do not allow any chemicals or toxins to go into our farming or mixing processes.  Because of this, you can trust that all of our snacks and ingredients are 100% Organic Certified, Toxin Free and delicious!

organic september

By choosing Organic with Before Chocolate, you will contribute to protecting our vital wildlife and reduce your exposure to potentially harmful pesticides and chemicals. You'll also be supporting the farming families who work hard to grow our food with care for the generations to come, as non-Organic farming is unsustainable.

Harley Street Nutritionist Pippa Campbell, Recommends our Organic Treats!

pippa campbell

"I like Before Chocolate because not only are they Organic but also, they just taste so much better quality than other brands I’ve used. The chocolate buttons are just so delish for eating as is and are sweetened with just a little Organic coconut sugar."

Pippa x


How to Celebrate Organic September

Organic spans across clothes, beauty, foresting and more.  At Before Chocolate, the Organic we like most is food and the food we like to eat most is Chocolate! So for Organic September, we're challenging our customers, followers and all members of our Cacao Tribe to try one Organic Swap.

Chocolate is the tastiest and easiest way to eat Organic. Swap your regular chocolate buttons with our Organic Buttons or replace Hot Chocolate powder with our Organic Cacao Powder. It's that easy! 

footfittwinmum buttons

Check out this delicious breakfast oat bowl sprinkled with our Organic Vanilla Buttons made by @foodfittwinmummy on Instagram!

  • Take a break the Organic way. Instead of using non-Organic Hot Chocolate Powder, mix Vegan milk with our Organic Cacao Powder for a completely Organic drink.
  • Our Buttons make the perfect easy Organic snacks. You can have these on the go, add to lunch boxes, or even throw them over your morning oats for a delicious Organic treat.
  • If you like to bake, replace non-organic chocolate chips with decadently rich Organic Cacao Nibs and create delicacy's using our Organic Cacao Butter.

All of our buttons, drops, nibs, and baking ingredients are certified 100% Organic by the Soil Association and are Vegan, Allergen-Free and delicious! Browse our website to find the perfect Organic Snacks for you and gift your friends too!


Join Our Cacao Tribe

This month we're challenging you to make one Organic Swap. Whether that's swapping your regular snacks with our Organic Before Chocolate buttons, replacing your hot drink with a cup of Organic Cacao, or any other Organic Swap! Share your Organic Swaps with us on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter  by tagging @before.chocolate. Follows us for more Organic inspiration, we'll be cheering you on all month! 

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