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ITV's Love Your Weekend - Jan 2024


The Daily Mail - April 2022

We were delighted to have been spotted by the Daily Mail and invited to be featured in their article all about the best 100% dark chocolate brands. 

As a Great Taste Award Winner Before Chocolate 100% buttons & drops are completely sugar free and super smooth. So, what makes our 100% chocolate different to others? 

When looking for a 100% chocolate this presented us with a unique challenge of creating a chocolate which was accessible to not just very dark chocolate lovers but also those more accustomed to milder chocolate. Typically, dark chocolate is bitter and very strong with no added sweetener to compensate. So, we wanted a milder, smoother 100% chocolate with lower levels of acidity whilst maximising the full flavour of the chocolate. We did this by selecting very specific beans lower in acidity, using significantly longer conch times to help reduce the acidity and bitterness, and additional added cacao butter (the most expensive ingredient in chocolate.) The end result is a milder and less bitter Peruvian 100% chocolate which still retains its natural tasting notes.

Mandi, Founder

Before Chocolate Review

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 Top Sante magazine - October 2022

Fabulous article written by Functional Nutritionist Pauline Cox on brain friendly food featuring Before Chocolate Cacao Powder.