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Before Chocolate

Isn't it time you experienced REAL Hot Chocolate?

Taste proper hot chocolate for the very first time

Most supermarket hot chocolates are packed with unnecessary additives and artificial ingredients, but not ours!

Our pure cacao-based hot chocolate is a healthier indulgence. With more cacao and less sugar it's crafted with care and free from any artificial flavours or additives. Unlike the mass-produced options, we keep it real with minimal and simple ingredients, ensuring a wholesome treat that’s good for your body and soul.  

It's hard to put the taste of Before Chocolate into words. It's best experienced.

Our Story

cacao beans

We're taking chocolate back to its Mayan origins.

As recommended by Harley Street Nutritionist Pippa Campbell

"I love Before Chocolate products because not only are they organic but also they just taste so much better quality than other brands I've used.

The chocolate buttons are just so delish for eating as is and are sweetened with just a little organic coconut sugar."

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