Meet the Founder


My love for cacao; one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet and my mission to make chocolate healthy again led me to start ‘Before Chocolate’.  Like many people I enjoy my daily indulgent treats but having struggled with various food intolerances over the years including sugar, I was tired of eating sugar-laden snacks and then feeling guilty about it.  I searched high and low for a natural, guilt free alternative for both myself and my children but even the healthier options i found were still high in sugar and contained unnecessary ingredients.

It wasn’t until I started working closely with some of the world’s best producers of cacao that my eyes were opened to how chocolate really should be enjoyed– as close to its natural state as possible. I wanted to take chocolate back to its origins, to a time before it was spoilt by countless artificial additives and flavourings.

  The goal was to create a delicious, indulgent and guilt-free treat for all to enjoy so no one had to miss out. I have selected only the highest quality natural ingredients that are organic, allergen free and ethically sourced.

The result is a taste experience that is wonderfully rich and flavourful, but with far less sugar than regular chocolate. I can’t wait for you to experience it for yourself, knowing that you will enjoy something indulgent, made entirely from simple, clean, and natural ingredients.

I have always loved chocolate, now I love it even more.