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Just like the perfect partner, the perfect chocolate matches your personality, shares your interests and fulfils all of your snacking needs. Each one of our delicious superfood flavours has its own strengths and benefits. To help you navigate the sumptuous world of super treats, we’ve created the ultimate Before Chocolate Superfood guide in this blog post. So, whether you are shopping for yourself or for a loved one, you’ll know that you have found the perfect match!

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Did you Know?

Eating Dark Chocolate causes your body to produce Serotonin, the same chemical released in the brain when individuals feel love. That’s all the more reason to eat, gift and share with Before Chocolate this Valentine’s Day!

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Natural Beauty

Do you love to pamper yourself? Is your bathroom cabinet stacked with so many lotions and potions that you’re afraid to open the door? If this sounds like you, we’re matching you with our delightful award-winning Passion Fruit & Camu Camu Chocolate Drops! Passion Fruit and Camu Camu are both rich in Vitamin C. Vitamin C naturally contains antioxidants and boosts collagen production helping to protect and rejuvenate your skin. Incorporate a few of these delicious drops into your beauty routine. Who knew skincare could be so yummy!

Sporty Spice

Are you all about sports and endurance? Maybe your idea of a perfect date is a hike along a gorgeous mountain path or even a super intensive movie marathon? If so, our Maca Chocolate Coated Nibs might be the one for you! Maca was used to increase stamina by the Ancient Inca’s who lived in modern-day Peru. It’s even said to be a natural aphrodisiac!

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Golden Goddess

Do you love glitz and glamour in a relationship? Those luxurious candle lit meals, flowing champagne glasses and being lavished in golden gifts. If so our Lucuma Chocolate Coated Nibs are the perfect addition to your luxurious lifestyle. Lucuma is one of the original Peruvian superfoods, and is known as the “Gold of the Incas” because of the fruits wonderfully golden colour and fine flavour. If you appreciate the finer things in life, this superfood flavour is sure to meet your high standards!

Power Couple

Are you married to the gym? Or do you need all the energy you can get to sustain your epic climb up the corporate ladder? No matter what your goals are, if you’re a super driven person our Chia Seed Chocolate Buttons are the ideal companion to fuel your journey to victory. As well as containing Omega 3, Chia Seeds are high in magnesium which builds muscle and high in phosphorus which boosts energy. With these yummy buttons by your side, you can snack your way to success!

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Jet Setter

Is your fridge door covered in travel magnets? Is your suitcase always packed? Do you suffer from constant jetlag and travel sickness? If this sounds like you, our Ginger Chocolate Buttons are the perfect travel companion. Ginger has long been used as a herbal medicine to combat travel sickness and nausea. Next time you’re boarding a plane or train be sure to do those crucial pre-travel checks: Passport, Luggage, and BC Ginger Buttons!

Long Lasting Love

If you’re the romantic type that believes that love should last a lifetime, our Turmeric & Maca Chocolate Drops could be the right fit for you! Turmeric contains curcumin, an active component which helps the body combat age-related conditions. So, choose these drops and live, laugh and love for years to come.

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Not ready to be exclusive?

Not sure which to choose? When it comes to chocolate, there’s no rush to be exclusive. Want to try your luck in the chocolate dating pool? Take a dip with our Super Choc Bundle. With this selection of all our Superfood chocolate flavours, you’ll get to explore and see what works for you! Grab your bundle here and let the tasting begin!

Spread the love…and the Superfoods!

Valentine’s day is all about love. Whether its self-love, love for your significant other or for friends and family. At Before Chocolate, we’re proud to have made an award-winning vegan and allergen-free chocolate selection that everyone can enjoy.    

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With love

BC x

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