Our Mission

Before Chocolate was started by Mandi in 2019 after more than a decade of working with cacao ingredients, cacao producers, chocolatiers and superfood growers.  

"With over a decade of sourcing the very finest and nutritionally dense superfoods from around the world, we have long held an ambition to create something innovative with our favourite superfood Cacao"

Our Chocolate

Our chocolate products are a result of our collaboration with some of the world’s best cacao growers and chocolatier's who we have been working with and supplying cacao ingredients to for the last decade. Our range is inspired by the finest traditional superfood ingredients, multi-generational chocolate-making expertise and a desire to go back to the roots of chocolate making.

Chocolate as we know today is industrially processed, contains refined sugar, e numbers and many other nasty ingredients making it nutritionally poor. We've simply taken chocolate back to its origins; simpler, healthier and more natural than modern day chocolate as we all know it today.  Our cacao-rich super smooth chocolate is made up of high quality organic wholefoods, ethically sourced directly from the very best farmers around the world. 

We’ve kept our ingredients list as short as possible with just single origin Peruvian and Ecuadorian Organic Cacao, Organic Coconut Sugar (15%) and with added superfoods such as Camu camu, Turmeric, Maca, lucuma and Chia seeds.

Before Chocolate products are allergen-free, vegan, organic, free from refined sugar and most importantly taste delicious. Great for all of the family, convenient healthy treats on the go or to simply have as a healthy snack at work.  Now you can enjoy your chocolate, guilt free knowing its actually healthier.

Before Chocolate represents simple, clean and natural ingredients. Exactly how Chocolate should be enjoyed. 

Did you know?

Our logo contains the Mayan glyph for Cacao pronounced 'Ka Kow'. So, with every mouthful of Before Chocolate Buttons, Nibs or Drops, you are enjoying a taste of Cacao history!


Our Promise

All of our products are Organic, Vegan, Refined sugar free and Allergen free. Most importantly, our chocolate is delicious, Low in Sugar and High in Cacao. This means you can enjoy every bit of our chocolate guilt-free.





Our long-standing relationships with our growers and suppliers have enabled us to use the highest quality ingredients to create our range.  All of our Before Chocolate growers use traditional, low-intensity farming techniques to grow and harvest our Cacao and Superfood ingredients. Before Chocolate is certified by the Soil Association to ensure a nature-friendly future for the earth.