Hot Chocolate

Before chocolate there was cacao. It was pure and simple. It was healthier and less processed. It was a delight... a delight we left behind. 

At Before Chocolate we've stepped back in time to bring you the rich chocolate flavour you have grown to love but with all the goodness of cacao. Known as the 'Food of the Gods', Mayan royalty often consumed cacao as a luxurious hot drink.

Cacao is at the heart of Before Chocolate and we've long held the desire to create an amazingly tasting hot chocolate which makes the most of what the cacao bean has to offer.

Most Hot Chocolates on the market today contain Dutch processed cocoa powder (note this is not the same as cacao powder), sugar and an endless list of unnecessary ingredients including thickeners, preservatives, palm oil, and sweeteners etc.  

We wanted to change this and go back to the origins of real hot chocolate; the cacao bean and create a much better tastier alternative. whilst enjoying the numerous health benefits cacao has to offer

How are we different?

Our rich, luxurious dark hot chocolate is higher in cacao and lower in sugar.  Made from 60% single origin cacao bean using the whole cacao bean (we do not use any cocoa powder), .

To ensure our hot chocolate is as full of flavour as possible, we only use natural ingredients.  We use ground cacao bean and retain all of the cacao butter from the bean which gives our Hot Chocolate a beautiful creamy texture.  Paired with flavours including orange and spice this really is a hot chocolate with a difference.

Go on, give it a try......

You haven't tasted hot chocolate until you've tried Before Chocolate.