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Hot Chocolate Coming Soon To Before Chocolate!

Make yourself the best cup of hot chocolate you’ve ever tasted.

… and maybe make one again tomorrow… and the evening after that… and the…

You know how a barista coffee tastes extraordinarily better than an instant (hint: it’s why 35,000 Starbucks populate our high streets)?

We invite you to discover that difference with your hot chocolate.

Now, we’ve all tasted the supermarket hot chocolates. They can be a welcome change for the palette following the teas and coffees that we lap up all day long. A treat in the evening or maybe after the dog walk?


Just picture that moment. That desire for a warm hot chocolate served in your favourite mug. Now, put the granules away and try hot chocolate the way it’s meant to be. Made with real cacao. Literally, you’re spooning a unique blend of just 3 ingredients (we add a few more to our delicious spiced range) ; cacao shards, Muscovado sugar and agave syrup. Yes, we use sugar, but we don’t use the non-refined type. You’ll taste the difference.

As you open your pouch of Before Chocolate you can literally spot the ingredients (and their smell… oh that smell…) So, more cacao (60% in fact), less sugar. No need to beat yourself up on the calorie count (142 calories to be precise), one cup comes in at far less calories than a bar of supermarket chocolate (240 calories in the small Dairy Milk bars…). We won’t kid you by saying this is a ‘guilt free’ treat... but, seriously, what is?

Back to the hot chocolate.

3 spoonfuls. 1 cup of milk. You can either use a hand held milk frother or splash out on a Severin. Once you experience our Hot Chocolate you’ll probably end up getting one (hello Christmas list…) but for now the milk frother will do the job perfectly.

We could lavish you with words such as ‘creamy’, ‘succulent’, ‘a fantasy for your taste buds’. We could REALLY go to town, but the idea here is for you to experience Before Chocolate for yourself. Less talk, more OG HC.

A tough job, but somebody had to do it.

It has taken us years of iteration to reach the point where we can offer you our very best. We’re chocolate industry people. Seriously, we could talk (bore) you for hours on the subject. It’s our livelihood. We’ve tasted the good, the bad, and the reach for the mouthwash ugly. Now we’ve created what we believe to be the best.

So, what’s stopping you? Well, we’ve 3 flavours for you to select from, Original, Orange and Spiced. In 2 size variations too. I’d imagine you want to sample the experience beforehand, that’s why we created the smaller 135g. That has 5 servings at less than 80p a cup.

Go ahead and place your order and we’ll have your delivery on its way to you right away. We can’t wait to hear your response. Seriously, our hot chocolate is good… really good. The lovely people at the Great Taste Awards 2023 agreed.